Jaroslav Janis

Jaroslav (Jarek) Janis, 2001, Most, Czech Republic. Copyright Jiri Inneman (http://inneman.noveranet.cz/ag.htm), 2009. Used with permission.

Jaroslav (Jarek) Janis, 2001, Most, Czech Republic. Copyright Jiri Inneman, 2009. Used with permission.


08 Jul 1983


Czech Republic

F3000 starts:

11 (2001-2003)

Moved to the DTM with Mercedes but then went to Formula Nippon in Japan. Then went into the A1 GP effort of his country and the FIA GT series, then into the LMS. After a brief spell of racing in his homeland, he became team boss of the Gravity Charouz racing team, which compete in a range of endurance series and events. In 2015, he moved into a different direction - that of race engineer - and worked for the Premio racing team, which competed in endurance & GT events. In 2017, however, Jarek was back racing in sportscars. Jarek is now back working as a race engineer for Rowe Motorsport. Janis was a race winner in both FIA GT and European/Italian Formula 3000 as a driver. Janis also runs a garage in his home city of Olomouc.

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