William 'Tee' Linn


William "Tee" Linn. Copyright, Jo-Ann Linn Badasarian, 2022. Used with Permission.


07 Feb 1911
New Trier, Illinois


26 Feb 1978
Chester, Pennsylvania


United States

Indy 500s:

0 (1934)

Badly injured in an August 1934 crash at Langhorne Speedway and retired. A varied and quick racer, he was expected to challenge strongly in the late 1930's until that accident, which was caused when a small boy ran out onto the racetrack; Linn very bravely sweved to avoid killing the boy but suffered a badly broken shoulder. His racing was helped through the family food manufacturing business, although he used his alias to disguise his racing from his family. He bought the ex-Frank Farmer car to race and adapted the engine and car accordingly.

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