Wesley Crawford

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04 Jan 1904
Lake Charles, Louisiana


09 Jan 1961
Indianapolis, Indiana


United States

Indy 500s:

6 (1927-1940)

Also listed as an ambulance driver away from the tracks in some newspaper reports, Crawford appeared to have been in this role only temporarily to race funds for racing. Crawford was primarily a mechanic by trade, who worked in the automobile industry as a test driver, mechanic and sales manager, but was also an AAA racing official after the Second World War. Born in Louisana, Crawford was often listed as from Los Angeles, but married in 1930 to Leola McClaine in Indianapolis, where he then resided and also lived in Detroit, Pennsylvania and Defiance, Ohio. Crawford later became an inspector for automobiles and worked as a mechanic in New Jersey and North Carolina in addition to the other places listed. Crawford's real name, however, was actually Crafford, and he is buried as such under that name.

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