Claudio Lombardi

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12 May 1942




Ferrari (1993-1994)

Joined FIAT after graduating, in 1968, and specialised in exhausts, before becoming Lancia technical director in 1975, a job he performed until 1990. He joined Ferrari in 1991, and stayed there until 1999, having a specific role to look after the F1 engine project for a couple of years. After leaving Ferrari, he effectively became an independent engine consultant, but worked very closely with Aprilia's engine projects in motorcycling. From 2011, he has effectively semi-retired, but still works as an engine consultant, although mainly in the automotive industry, rather than racing, and in particular, renewable energy solutions and electric cars. Claudio, who worked for a while in rallying, still lives in Alessandria.

Biography last updated 5 Oct 2019