Antonio Lago

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28 Mar 1893


01 Dec 1960
Paris, France




Lago-Talbot (1950-1951)


Lago (1950)

Talbot boss from 1935-1951. Stayed with the marque before selling up to Simca and retiring in 1958. Sometimes referred to as Anthony, after Lago had to change his name and move to France after a very public and violent dispute with Benito Mussolini, both men being a founder member of the Italian Fascist Movement. Died quite suddenly, after appearing at a car exhibition only a few weeks before. Lago grew up in Bergamo, moving as his father was a theatre manager and it was through these links that he knew Mussolini and also Pope John XXIII. He served in the Italian Air Force during World War 1, reaching the rank of Major. Although he was a founder of the Italian National Fascist Party, he soon denounced it, surviving an assassination attempt in 1919, which meant a move to France for safety. Lago moved to the US and worked for Pratt and Whitney, before settling in England, working for the Isotta-Fraschini company. He then became involved with a number of gearbox companies before taking over Talbot in 1933.

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