Bruno Zava

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Alfa Romeo, EuroBrun (1984-1989)

Italian designer, whose time in the sport was only a small part of his Alfa career. Zava was involved in adapting the Mario Tolentino-designed EuroBrun ER1888 for the 1989 season to accommodate Judd engines. Zava previously worked with Tolentino at Alfa Romeo, where both of them also worked with Luigi Marmiroli to design the Alfa Romeo 184T car. Zava joined Alfa Romeo, aged just thirteen, as an apprentice in October 1940. In 1943 he moved into a further apprenticeship role with the firm despite the turmoil surrounding the country during the Second World War. This was the start of a designing role which he kept for many years with the firm; becoming an assistant designer to Luigi Fusi on military cars initially, then working on jeeps and a range of cars . He worked with some of the great Alfa designers including Gioacchino Colombo and Rudolf Hruska. He spent over 40 years in the design department, including work on the 159 (1951), the Spyder (1952), the Giulietta (1953) and the Giulia (1970). He remains linked to the firm via reunions.

Biography last updated 16 Oct 2022