Alessandro Alunni Bravi

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23 Nov 1974




Alfa Romeo, Sauber, Stake (2023- )

From 2023, Alessandro, nominally a lawyer and executive, became head of the Sauber group of companies, ergo, he also became head of Alfa Romeo's F1 team, rebranded as Stake for 2024. But he has been involved with motorsport through Trident Racing in lower formulae. A graduate of civil law from the University of Perugia, Alessandro began working as a legal counsel before taking over at Coloni's Formula 3000 team. He has also worked as a general manager in the World Rally Championship and has been a driver manager for Stefan Vandoorne, Robert Kubica and Gimmi Bruni on his books. As well as management, Alessandro also races in rallies, including the Mille Miglia.

Biography last updated 2 Jan 2024