Giuseppe Petrotta

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16 Jul 1956




Osella (1983-1987)

Osella car designer, who, more recently has been working for Ferrari as a project manager, but also mainly works as an independent designer and inventor. Petrotta was in his early twenties when he joined the design team at Osella in 1979. He initially started as a draughtsman before moving into design engineering, becoming chief engineer and lead designer from 1983 onwards. Giuseppe then had a spell with Alfacourse as a chassis specialist before joining Ferrari in 1991. During his spell at Maranello, Petrotta worked as a chassis designer, team leader, engineer and manager which included (amongst other roles); race engineer to Jean Alesi, engine support liaison with Minardi and the Ferrari customer engine and project manager for the Maserati MC12 Stradale. He set up his own design business in 2007, but keeps close links with Ferrari as a customer. He also works as a technical director to AF Corse.

Biography last updated 26 Jan 2020