Gianfranco Pederzani

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27 Oct 1942
Borgo Panigale, Bologna




Tecno (1969-1973)

Both brothers were owners of a hydraulic pump subcontracting business, aside from the F1 stint. They continued together until Luciano's death. Gianfranco later worked in the agricultural mechanical sector. Tecno was formed as Tecnokart in 1962, solely concentrating on karts. Four years later, the kart part of the name had gone and the brothers were building Formula 3 cars. In 1968 and 1969, their car was immensely successful, with the cars taking multiple wins, especially in the hands of Ronnie Peterson. The brothers did not enjoy the same success in Formula 1, but they also built sportscars and successful Formula Junior cars. Gianfranco still lives in Bologna.

Biography last updated 10 Jul 2021