Valerio Colotti

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19 Apr 1925


19 Jan 2008




Behra-Porsche, Tec-Mec, Vanwall (1959-1960)

Gearbox specialist who formed his own company, Technica-Mecanica. An automotive engineer, he worked on Ferrari and Maserati chassis and transmission systems. Set up his own company in 1958, and the company had their own go at racing but it was not a huge success. Colotti was hugely influential with the Maserati 250F, and this led to him working with numerous F1 teams, including Behra and Vanwall. After that, he worked with numerous teams as a gearbox expert, and the company stayed in motor racing for the remainder of his life, and after his death as well. Also became one of the top gearbox manufacturers in road cars, and the company still thrives, now after celebrating 50 years of existence. Valerio was still working and designing until Christmas 2007, but died in early 2008. His sons now run his company.

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