Tico Martini

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06 Dec 1934
Pigna, Liguria




Martini (1978)

Real name Rene Antoine, Martini is of French ancestry. However, his name has often been Italianised to Renato. Grew up in Jersey where he started racing and ran a kart workshop. He then became a kart builder before becoming a race instructor at the Winfield School, where he started building cars and then from there onto F3, F2 and F1. Now runs Automobiles Martini, which builds road and racing cars (Formula 3 and Formula Renault). Also builds microlights. In recent years he was working with Guy Ligier on car construction. He remains involved as a consultant but he also likes to sing, building his own sound studio and even released a CD with backing vocals to songs. A practical man, he likes to design anything that brings the family pleasure, including a large fish pond at his home in the Nievre area of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region of France.

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