Carlo Marchetti

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Lago-Talbot (1950-1951)

Friend of Tony Lago, who joined up with him in 1942, during World War 2 and stayed in the sport and the car industry until the 1960's. Marchetti replaced Walter Becchia at the firm and initially worked on the engine that supplied the Talbot T26 car. In 1946, Marchetti designed and developed a new engine that went in the Talbot Lago Record and Grand Sport 26CV cars. He also designed the car and engine for the Talbot T26C Grand Prix car, which although it never won a World Championship Grand Prix, did see victories for Louis Rosier (Belgian Grand Prix, 1949), Louis Chiron (French Grand Prix, 1949) and Doug Whiteford (Australian Grand Prix 1952 and 1953). An adapted version also won the 1950 Le Mans race, again with Rosier at the wheel. He was a contemporary of Dante Giacosa at the Politecnico di Torino.

Biography last updated 29 Oct 2022