Giovanni Tonti

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01 Jul 1942
Cesara, Novara




Alfa Romeo (1984-1985)

Later went into and is still in, racing boat design. Tonti was Alfa's team manager who became Alfa's team principal after Carlo Chiti left the marque. Giovanni, however, was primarily an engine specialist and prior to his management roles had been running the engine programme for the team, focusing on his V10 turbo engine design. Giovanni stayed with Alfa Romeo after the F1 spell finished before going into his new life away from the sport. Before his work at Alfa, Tonti worked with Lancia, and was their sporting technical director for years, working in their racing division with a sideline in engine development. His legacy is his involvement with the Lancia Stratos. Also referred to as Gianni, Tonti was also involved in constructing a safety centre for test tracks and also was involved in the ski industry.

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