Romolo Tavoni

Romolo Tavoni. Copyright Carlos Ghys (www.carlosghys.be), 2012. Used with Permission.

Romolo Tavoni. Copyright Carlos Ghys (www.carlosghys.be), 2012. Used with Permission.

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30 Jan 1926




ATS (Automobili Turismo e Sport) (1963-1964)

Ex-Ferrari team manager and secretary who left after arguments with Jean Behra and Enzo Ferrari, despite success. He later became involved with motorsport administration, working for both the CSAI and as Monza's track administrator and head. His influence - albeit behind the scenes after a public spat at Ferrari - in Italian motorsport has been immense. He was also the creator of Formula Monza, a junior formulae introduced to help racers compete in the sport if they didn't have a large budget. Romolo is now retired and in his 90's, but still keeps links with Ferrari via historic festivals. Although often listed as being born in Casinalbo, Tavoni was born in the city nearby of Modena. Tavoni's first liasion with Ferrari was as an employee of the Credito Italiano bank in Modena as both a client relationship manager and as a secretary. He became team manager at Ferrari in 1957 and instantly had to deal with Castelotti and de Portago's deaths. His links with Monza continued full-time until 1992, but he continued working there on a part-time basis until his eighties.

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