Jo Marquart

Jo Marquart. Copyright Jeremy Peirson, 2012. Used with Permission.

Jo Marquart. Copyright Jeremy Peirson, 2012. Used with Permission.


22 Mar 1936
Winterthur, Zurich


29 Nov 1993
Deopham, Wymondham, Norfolk




McLaren (1969-1970)

Engineer who also designed Formula 3 and Group C cars and had a long motorsport career, but the stress of running teams led to a detoriation in health and he died, aged only 57, from complications of diabetes as well as heart problems. At the time of his death, he was also involved in a engineering business near Dereham. Full name Josef Anton. Before he worked in Formula 1, he worked as a engineer for a bus company. He worked at Lotus under Maurice Philippe, contributing to the 49, 56 and 49C projects, before joining McLaren as chief designer in 1968 to replace Robin Herd who had moved to Cosworth. At McLaren, Marquart designed the M8 series of Can-Am cars and the M9A 4WD F1 car. He oversaw Gordon Coppuck's design of the F1 M14A for 1970 and Ralph Bellamy's F1 M19A for 1971 but became increasingly distracted by a side project that became Huron Cars, and left to join that company in early 1971. After Huron collapsed later that year, he joined GRD as Technical Director for a while but soon moved on again to design F3 cars for Ted Savory's new Modus Cars for 1974. After Savory's business empire collapsed, taking the car constructor with it, Marquart formed Argo in mid-1976 and achieved success in F3 and sportscars.

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