Melbourne Grand Prix

Albert Park, 30 Nov 1958

1 Stirling Moss (2.5 F1) 2-litre Cooper Mk III 'T45' - Climax FPF 4
#7 R R C Walker
32 1h 00m 41.2s
102.26 mph
2 Jack Brabham (2.5 F1) 2.2-litre Cooper Mk III 'T45' [F2-22-58] - Climax FPF 4
#8 J Brabham (see note 1)
32 1h 01m 20.2s
4 Bib Stillwell (2.5 F1) 2.5-litre Maserati 250F [2516] 6
#3 B S Stillwell
5 Len Lukey (libre) 2-litre Lukey (Cooper T23) [CBR-2-53?] - Bristol 6
#5 Lukey Mufflers Pty Ltd (on entry list as #16)
7 Curly Brydon (libre) 4.6-litre Ferrari 125 [114] - Chevrolet Corvette 283 ci V8
#6 A H Brydon
10 Tom Clark (libre) 3.4-litre Ferrari 555 [FL9001] - 860 Monza 4
#10 T Clarke
11 John Roxburgh (F2) 1.5-litre Cooper Mk I 'T41' ['F2-3-56'] - Climax FWB
#19 J B Roxburgh (see note 2)
R Stan Jones (2.5 F1) 2.5-litre Maserati 250F [2520] 6
#12 Stan Jones Motors Pty Ltd
R Austin Miller (libre) 1.5-litre Miller Spl (Cooper T41) ['F2-2-56'] - Climax FWB
#60 A Miller (see note 3)
R Ted Gray (libre) 4.6-litre Tornado Mk II - Chevrolet Corvette 283 ci V8
#11 L J Abrahams
R Arnold Glass (libre) 3.4-litre Ferrari 555 [FL9002] - 860 Monza 4
#2 Capitol Motors
R Jack Myers (libre) 2.4-litre WM-Cooper (Cooper T20) [CB-1-52] - Holden 6
#17 Lukey Mufflers Pty Ltd
R Alec Mildren (libre) 2-litre Cooper Mk II 'T43' [F2-28-57] - Climax FPF 4
#15 A G Mildren Pty Ltd
DNSF Bill Patterson (libre) 1.66-litre Cooper Mk II 'T43' [F2-9-57?] - Climax FPF 4
#9 Bill Patterson Motors Pty Ltd
Did not start final
DNSF Owen Bailey (libre) 4.5-litre Talbot T26C [110 007] 6
#20 O Bailey (see note 4)
Did not start final
DNSF Werner Greve (libre) 3.4-litre HWM 51 [6-51-52?] - Jaguar XK120 6
#30 W Greve
Did not start final
DNSF Ernie Seeliger (libre) 4.6-litre Maybach 3 - Chevrolet Corvette 283 ci V8
#4 E Seeliger
Did not start final
DNA Ray Gibbs (libre) 2.4-litre Cooper-Bristol Mk II 'T23' [CB-6-53?] - Holden 6
Did not arrive
Heat 1 Laps Time Speed
1Stirling Moss815m 32.0s
2Bib Stillwell815m 53.8s
4Alec Mildren816m 18.8s
5Arnold Glass817m 01.2s
6Curly Brydon817m 16.2s
8Owen Bailey817m 37.2s
9John Roxburgh817m 38.4s
Jack Myers12m 18.8s
Ernie Seeliger0
Heat 2 Laps Time Speed
1Jack Brabham815m 35.4s
2Ted Gray815m 47.6s
3Stan Jones815m 47.8s
4Tom Clark815m 54.2s
6Len Lukey816m 14.8s
7Bill Patterson816m 26.6s
10Austin Miller817m 00.8s
Werner Greve49m 30.4s
Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. Cooper Mk III 'T45' [F2-22-58] (Jack Brabham): It is not clear when this Mk III (T45 F2-22-58) first appears but Doug Nye reports that it was new in September, implying it was Jack Brabham's self-entered F2 car at Avus in Sep and at Montlhéry two weeks later. Brabham had this car for the 1958/59 New Zealand and Australian races and then used it as a private F2 entry during 1959 and again in the early F2 races of 1960. It was sold to Wolfgang Seidel, replacing his ex-Atkins Mk II (T43), in time for the 1960 Solitude GP and he ran it through the rest of the 1960 season. He took the car to South Africa at the end of 1960 for their internationals and sold the Cooper to Jo Eckhoff who was killed in an accident in the car later in 1961. (Source's Cooper Cars, Nye pp209, 212, 214; Historic Racing Cars of New Zealand, Vercoe; Springbok Grand Prix, Young p26)
  2. Cooper Mk I 'T41' ['F2-3-56'] (John Roxburgh): Jack Brabham was allocated the second Mk I which first appeared in his hands at the Oulton Park Gold Cup in Sep 1956. After a second race in October, Brabham took the car to New Zealand and Australia and, after an impressive run of results, sold it to Alex Mildren. It was later owned by Arthur Griffiths, John Roxburgh and Lyn Archer. This car now bears the chassis plate F2-P-56. (Sources: Cooper Cars, Nye; Historic Racing Cars in Australia, Blanden)
  3. Miller Spl (Cooper T41) ['F2-2-56'] (Austin Miller): The fouth and final Mk 1 built for 1956 went to Ken Wharton and was then shipped out to New Zealand for the Internationals. Ater Wharton's death in a sports car race, the Mk 1 returned to the UK and was sold to Bill Whitehouse for the early 1957 races. When Whitehouse took delivery of his Mk II, the ex-Wharton Mk I went to Paul England, on holiday from Australia. England later sold the car to Austin Miller, another Aussie over in Europe and he shipped it back to Australia. It ran as the Miller Special for several seasons and remained in Australia with later owners. (Sources: Cooper Cars, Nye; Historic Racing Cars in Australia, Blanden)
  4. Talbot T26C [110 007] (Owen Bailey): Talbot-Lago T26C chassis '110 007' was Paul Vallee's Ecurie France car driven by Chiron 1948-49 and Apezteguia in 1950. To Tom Hawkes in Australia in 1951. From him it passed to Doug Whiteford, Rex Taylor and then a string of Australian, UK (including a loan period in the Donington Collection), Swiss, US and French owners to Bernie Ecclestone's collection in 1997. Retained 2002.


The identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' original results.

These results have been compiled by David McKinney from a wide rangle of sources, including his own magazine articles and books. The 1959-1963 results are complete but for the 1957 and 1958 seasons, the only cars currently shown in the results are the F1, Intercontinental and F2 cars that feature elsewhere on this site plus the major Australian specials.

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Individual sources for this event

The entry list and organiser's full results for this race were provided by Keven Drage. The cars shown here are the F1s and F2s present plus the most prominent of the specials but also in the race were the twin Maserati 300S Sports of Bob Jane and Doug Whiteford, Geordie and Cyril Anderson's Jaguar D-Type for Bill Pitt to drive and a host of smaller sports cars and specials.