Shadow DN3 car-by-car histories

Tom Pryce in his Shadow DN3 at Mosport Park in 1974. Copyright Norm MacLeod 2016. Used with permission.

Tom Pryce in his Shadow DN3 at Mosport Park in 1974. Copyright Norm MacLeod 2016. Used with permission.

This model is eligible for the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2018, in Race F: Formula 1, 1973 to 1976, Cosworth DFV engine.

Tony Southgate designed the Shadow DN3 for 1974, a development of the DN1 concept but a significant improvement, and new drivers Jean-Pierre Jarier and Tom Pryce achieved some impressive results.

The first Shadow DN3 was destroyed in Peter Revson's fatal accident while testing before the South African GP. Jean-Pierre Jarier raced DN3/2A all season, and the second car, DN3/3A, was driven by Brian Redman and then by Tom Pryce. A spare car, DN3/4A, first appeared at the Monaco GP meeting. Pryce crashed DN3/3A at the French GP and the replacement car, called DN3/3A-2 by some journalists and DN3/5A by others, was used to the end of the year. At the South American races at the start of 1975, Jarier had a new DN5, but Pryce continued to use his late-1974 car.

In 1976, Roger Springett bought two DN3s for the Shellsport Group 8 series, and the first of these, as driven by Mike Wilds, wore the chassis plate "DN3/2A". However, photographic comparison shows that it cannot have been 2A, and must have been one of the later cars, 4A, 5A or possibly a previously unknown sixth car. Its identity is currently a mystery. Wilds crashed this car at Mallory Park in June 1976, and Springett built up another DN3 for Wilds to drive at the British GP. This second car wore the chassis plate "DN3B/5A" but photographic and other evidence points to it having been the ex-Jarier DN3/2A.

Four surviving cars exist today, but not all the owners agree with OldRacingCars.com on their identities, so discussions are continuing.

First Race
Present Location
Argentinian Grand Prix
(13 Jan 1974)
Written off 1974
International Trophy
(7 Apr 1974)
United States 2016
Spanish Grand Prix
(28 Apr 1974)
Not disclosed
(Monaco Grand Prix)
(26 May 1974)
Not disclosed
British Grand Prix
(20 Jul 1974)
Not disclosed
Shellsport G8 Championship round
(31 May 1976)
Wrecked 1976

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