Bob Schroeder

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21 Nov 1928
Chester, Illinois


27 Jan 1990
East St. Louis, Illinois


United States

Grands Prix:

0 (1959)

Indy 500s:

0 (1959)

No relation to Rob despite them both being around at the same time! Bob mainly in sprint cars in the late 1950's, before embarking on a brief attempt in USAC events in 1959. Unfortunately, Schroeder didn't get his chance at Indy as he was denied a proper qualifying attempt due to what the organisers deemed to be a lack of experience from him. A tall, and quite stocky man, Bob's size didn't really fit a midget car properly but he enjoyed racing, starting in 1955 and continuing until the early 1960's. He raced midgets almost exclusively in the Mid-West but didn't quite get the results to gain authorisation from the authorities to run. He ran a motel and restaurant in Chester, before running and then becoming President of the Red Dot Construction Company. He was a keen member of local groups in Chester, including the church.

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