Chuck Engel

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20 Mar 1928
Merrillville, Indiana


10 Dec 2023
Frankfort, Ohio


United States

Indy 500s:

0 (1963)

For many, many years, Chuck kept links with sprint car racing, the discipline he's best remembered for. Also worked as an excavator and the company he founded is still trading today in Frankfort. Also worked as a mechanic and served his country in World War Two. Engel's Indy 500 attempt ended early when he crashed into the South-East wall. Engel raced in sprint cars from the late 1950's until 1969, before making a racing return, but in stock cars, in 1972. Engel's best result was probably 2nd at the Eldora Speedway in 1962. Born in Indiana, but spent much of his adult life in Ohio.

Biography last updated 4 Jan 2024