Buddy Calloway

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17 Nov 1899
Macon, Georgia


24 Aug 1944
Miami, Florida


United States

Indy 500s:

0 (1932)

Buddy's main job was a mechanic, which he did during and after his racing career. Buddy, whose real name was actually Jessie Whipple Calloway (often spelt Callaway) built sprint cars with his brother Lucian, otherwise know as Foggy, with one special part - an aircraft engine as their main source of power. As the IMCA Sprint Car Series had no engine size restriction, the brothers made the most of it. Calloway continued racing up to 1942. He was uncle to Stan Callaway, who followed Buddy into sprint cars, but was killed in an IMCA Sprint Car Race in 1954.

Biography last updated 9 Mar 2017