Al Melcher

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03 Sep 1884
Dalton, Illinois


28 Oct 1944
Los Angeles, California


Denmark/United States

Indy 500s:

1 (1927)

Of Danish Origin, Al raced in the early days of racing in the US, before having a long break. His Indy 500 attempt was not his last drive, for he carried on until the early 1930's. Melcher was a board oval specialist who started just after World War One. He was often seen in a Duesenberg and sometimes entered his own built car. His best result, by far, didn't come in a Duesenberg however; it came in a Miller at Atlantic City in 1927; Melcher took second place in the AAA event. It was the highlight of a successful season that saw him finish in 12th place in the standings, ahead of the likes of Eddie Hearne.

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