Rex Easton

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12 Dec 1913
Springfield, Illinois


21 Dec 1974
Sangamon, Illinois


United States

Grands Prix:

0 (1958-1959)

Indy 500s:

0 (1958-1959)

Long-time racer in Illinois and a frequent competitor in USAC and AAA events in the 1950's. Won the 1954 Midwest midget title, coming second in the national series that year and took many midget wins, becoming a legend in the category. Rex also won the 1948 Illinois State Sprint Car Championship. A well-built man, he had a high-pitched voice, hence the other drivers affectionally called him Squeaky! A midget race in his honour, the Rex Easton Memorial, was held in Springfield for some years.

Biography last updated 14 Jul 2016