Duke Dinsmore

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10 Apr 1913
Williamstown, West Virginia


12 Oct 1985
Daytona Beach, Florida


United States

Grands Prix:

4 (1950-1960)

Indy 500s:

7 (1946-1960)

Real name was spelt Dinsmoor, his full name was actually Carlyle John Disnsmoor. Duke had a long career in the sport, spreading nearly four decades. He started racing in 1932 in dirt track racing as a teenager and carried on until the mid-1960's, although from 1951 onwards, he no longer raced full-time so he could earn a living to support his family away from the tracks. Duke's finest moment probably came when he won the 1950 Sacramento 100. Lucky to survive a serious crash in 1948, Duke also served in World War Two in the United States Air Corps as a mechanic as serving as a B-17 flight engineer and top gunner in the 92nd Bomb Group, 8th Air Force division.

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