Helmut Niedermayr

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29 Nov 1915


03 Apr 1985
Christiansted, US Virgin Islands



Grands Prix:

1 (1952)

Mainly in sportscar racing in East and West Germany, who finished his career in rallies. Later defected to West Germany, although he was quite rare for his era as he raced in both countries even with the Cold War splitting the country in two. Niedermayer was a BMW dealer in Chemnitz before World War Two intervened. The war hit Chemnitz hard but Helmut retained his interest in cars, racing in sportscars in the late 1940's, and he continued until the 1950's. Niedermayer then emigrated to the US Virgin Isles upon retirement, where he died aged 69 in 1985. Helmut moved to Berlin after the war and found work as a salesman. He also competed in hillclimbing and became the co-founder of a Berlin-based racing team called Remgemeinschaft Berlin Halensee, which entered Porsche specials in sportscar racing.

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