Theo Fitzau

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10 Feb 1923


18 Mar 1982
Gross-Gerau, West Germany



Grands Prix:

1 (1953)

Top East German racer whose career might've turned out differently had the political situation been different. A soap manufacturer by trade, he raced in sportscars and both Formula 2 and Formula 3 mostly. In 1953, for both his racing and business career, he defected to the West, where he remained until his dying day. Fitzau started his career a few years after World War Two when his business allowed him some funds to enjoy racing, although he was still stifled money-wise by living in the communist Russian part of East Germany until his move to the West. Fitzau only got interested in racing in his mid-20's after buying his own sportscar, after which his friend and pre-war racing driver, Arthur Rossenhammer, encouraged Theo to get into racing. Fitzau then bought Rossenhammer's 750cc car, which then bounced Fitzau up the ranks. Fitzau later worked for Opel's sporting division as an official and administrator. This included being an official starter at the Opel-Rallye at Russelsheim in 1970.

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