Akira Akagi

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03 Nov 1944


08 Aug 2018




Leyton House (1990-1991)

A hugely successful property dealer, with a business administration degree, Akagi built up his father's company, which later evolved into Leyton House, which catered for numerous business interests, but largely concentrated on real estate, but also covered restaurants and clothing shops. Initally Akira entered F1 as a sponsor, then an owner, but sold the team and the Leyton House business in 1991 and then kept a relatively low profile, largely because the business was engulfed in a wide-ranging scandal which included fraud and money laundering at the Fuji Bank. Until his time in jail, Akira, a extrovert and enthusiastic man, also owned a large amount of classic road cars. After he came out of jail, he was involved in numerous business projects until his sudden death after returning from an overseas trip in August 2018.

Biography last updated 19 Sep 2018