Francois Castaing

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15 Jun 1945




Renault (1977-1985)

Later moved to Chrysler, where he was involved in international operations. Since then, Francois worked as an engineer, as well as a consultant, to Exide Batteries. Later became head of Detroit Science Centre, but now mainly acts as an independent consultant and is retired from day-to-day work. Castaing initially worked in the sport with Gordini, concentrating on their engines for sportscar races, including Le Mans. Renault took over the business and Francois became technical director at the team, with a win at Le Mans in 1977 a highlight. He was also responsible for the development of their racing engines. Castaing was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in 2010. In 2021, Francois released a book about part of his long career with Chrysler.

Biography last updated 16 Feb 2021