Michel Tetu

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06 Aug 1941




Ligier, Renault (1979-1988)

Car designer, most recently worked with Larrousse in GT's. Now retired, although he is always on hand as a consultant, but mainly just enjoys attending historic events. Tetu was an aeronautical expert who first became involved in car design back in 1965 for Charles Deutsch's sportscar team. He then joined Ligier in 1969 and swiftly gained an aptitude for designing good sportscars. He then moved to Alfa Romeo and with Tetu's input, won the World Championship for Makes in 1975. Tetu then worked in rallying before his Formula 1 period, enjoying success in the early 1980's, but his second spell at Ligier wasn't as enjoyable or successful.

Biography last updated 9 Jan 2017