Dave Baldwin

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09 Feb 1941
Lowestoft, Suffolk


Great Britain


Ensign, Fittipaldi, Lotus (1971-1979)

Dave was still in the sport until the early 2010's as he worked as an engineer and consultant in lower formulae with Ralph Firman Sr.'s F2000 team. Then Baldwin was retired as was Firman, but both got bored of this situation and so both came back in racing, as they now ran RFR cars, based in Norfolk. Firman continues to do so but as Baldwin is now over 80 years of age, he has finally retired for good. Was a shareholder at Van Diemen before he retired in 1999, but Ralph brought him back a few years later. Dave - or David - as he's also referred to - started at Lotus and designed the Lotus 59 and 69 production cars, and their 62 Formula 2 and Formula 3 cars. Later on, he also worked on the Lotus 73. Baldwin also worked on Formula 3 cars for Ensign initially, before spending a good few years in Formula 1 as a designer. He also had a spell at GRD. He designed the Ensign N175, N176 and N177 cars and the Fittipaldi F5. After his wife fell ill, he left Formula 1 to move back to England full-time, hooking up with Van Diemen, designing his first car with them in 1977.

Biography last updated 18 Oct 2022