Gavin Fisher

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30 Aug 1964
Harrow, Middlesex


Great Britain


Williams (2002-2005)

Joined Williams in 1989, but sacked as chief designer in 2005. Hasn't found another role in the sport since, but due to his financial pay-off from Williams, can afford to enjoy his current life of fast bikes and boats, with his love of bikes being his main passion. Fisher studied mechanical engineering at what was the Hatfield Polytechnic college, graduating with an aeronautical degree. After a spell spent working on powertrain projects with Ricardo Consulting, Gavin joined Williams and worked closely with Adrian Newey, who joined soon after. In 1996, Fisher took a lead role in the design of the F1 car. As well as the above pursuits, Fisher enjoys snowboarding and mountain biking.

Biography last updated 8 Feb 2017