Archibald Frazer-Nash

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30 Jun 1889
Hyderabad, Sind, India


10 Mar 1965
Richmond, Surrey


Great Britain


Frazer Nash (1952)

Started off, with Ron Godfrey, building cyclecars, but had sold the company by it's Grand Prix heyday. The company still survives, but Frazer-Nash, an army captain for the Royal Engineers, also built not only other cars, but helped develop gun turrets, tanks and torpedo boats for use in World War 2. He was also a Porsche dealer - the first in the UK. Frazer-Nash (whose name appears both with hyphen and without) worked for the Willans and Robinson steam turbine manufacturers before joining the technical department of the Royal Air Force, where he remained until 1919. He formed the Frazer Nash car business in 1923. Later in life, Archie was even involved in atomic energy projects.

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