Tony Robinson

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25 Dec 1929
Darlington, Co. Durham


Great Britain


BRP, Cooper (1963-1968)

Former driver and designer for Alta and engineer for Cooper and Stirling Moss. Now runs a guest house. In 2012, Tony released a book of his life, The Biography of a Race Mechanic. Tony is an upbeat, positive fellow who was hugely instrumental to Cooper and Moss' success through his quiet endeavour to get the car set-up just right. He also helped save Stirling's life after the Goodwood crash in 1962, as he helped remove Moss from the car using his hacksaw, knowing the car more than the average person might've done. Tony also worked as a mechanic at Maserati and as an engineer and designer at BRP. Robinson is also an associate member of the British Racing Driver's Club. Robinson has also worked in the property industry, ran an ice-cream business and also ran both a garage and a pub.

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