Dennis Nursey

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30 Nov 1947
Uxbridge, Middlesex


Great Britain


Brabham (1990-1992)

The head of the Middlebridge group that bought Brabham, Nursey had a long history in the car business, especially import/export, including long spells in Japan, as well as being an ex-Aston Martin engineer. He moved to Japan to work for Aston Martin's Japanese distributor Eastern Motors and stayed after meeting a local girl. His links there, and Eastern's success relative to Aston's UK performance helped keep the company afloat during a tough period for them in the mid 1970's. Dennis now lives in Buckinghamshire, where he is semi-retired but is an occasional consultant to the automotive industry. Nursey also runs DWN Retro, a service dedicated to individual race and road car history.

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