Frank Coppuck

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21 Mar 1958
Guildford, Surrey


Great Britain


Lotus, Pacific (1991-1995)

Engineer, last involved with Formula 1 with Benetton, in 1996. He then joined TOM's GB and from there on went into GT racing as a designer. He now works on and designs historic race-cars and is also involved with Gordon Murray's road car plans. Frank holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical and aeronautical engineering and this led to him working at the Royal Aircraft Establishment in Farnborough. He then worked for British Aerospace as an aircraft wing designer and composites engineering. He moved into racing in 1985, initially with the FORCE Lola team, before joining Tyrrell and the March-Alfa Romeo Indycar teams and also worked for Dick Simon's Indycar team.

Biography last updated 9 Dec 2016