Geoffrey Taylor

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12 Jun 1903
St-Anne-on-Sea, Lancashire


07 Sep 1966
Midhurst, Sussex


Great Britain


Alta (1950-1952)


Alta (1950-1954)

Car builder, who was involved with Alta from 1928, right up to 1959. Taylor started building his sports car before forming his company in 1931 to built production versions of the car. Before taking up this venture, he worked as a contract machinist for the ABC company in Kingston Hill, South London, where he lived. His aim was to make a sportscar that was small, compact, light and low in height to help handling. Taylor built up his company in his own house and garage, naming it Alta after a Canadian town, apparently simply liking the name that he had read in a novel. Taylor started racing the car in speed trials and then built up enough capital to open a factory in Tolworth. One of his first customers was Earl Howe. Taylor himself continued racing in sprints and speed trials until the Second World War, when Alta undertook government work on engineering and marine development. In the 1950's, Alta undertook engine production for Connaught but by the late 1950's, Taylor's health had taken a downturn and he closed the factory. His son Mike later reignited the Alta name in the 1970's, but it wasn't a success.

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