Ted Martin

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19 Jan 1924
Bristol, Somerset


22 May 2010
Thame, Oxfordshire


Great Britain


Lotus, Martin (1966-1967)

Ted's main claim to fame was as the AMCO aero modelling engine designer, but he had a richly varied career. After serving in the RAF in World War 2, where he was firstly based in Canada, then in Holland, serving as a tow pilot for troop carrying gliders, he won a contract in peacetime to refurb all the lightshades for a major hotel firm. But engineering was his real love and he joined AMCO in 1947 to work on a whole range of engines, including racing engines in his spare time. Ted moved back to Canada in 1952, working for General Motos Canada, but also on his own engine designs, but equally remained involved in model engines. Sadly the F1 attempt didn't quite succeed, with a number of opportunities failing at the last minute. However this was softened by Rolls-Royce using another engine design of Ted's, which he was involved in for some while and gave him financial security. In his later years, Ted kept links with model engineering and had a huge model railway setup at his home in Thame.

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