Len Terry

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Len Terry. Copyright Bill Colson, 2023. Used with Permission.

Len Terry. Copyright Bill Colson, 2023. Used with Permission.


11 Feb 1924
Hackney, London


25 Aug 2014
Lincoln, Lincolnshire


Great Britain


BMW, BRM, Eagle, Gilby, Honda, Lotus (1961-1977)

Sadly died in 2014. Finished his motorsport career after his BRM spell but stayed involved with the sport, and appeared at many historic events, and was still on hand to help with any projects sent his way. Up to just before his death, he remained in good health, despite a small stroke in 1993, and enjoyed cycling, tennis and table tennis. Tried racing himself but crashed the car he had built and broke his leg, ending that aspect of his career. Served in the RAF during World War 2 and worked as an instrument maker specialising in aircraft cameras, and also served in what is now Pakistan. Started work as a draughtsman before moving into design. After his design racing career finished, he went into making replica vintage vans, initially in Poole, and then in Lincolnshire, where he lived for the rest of his life.

Biography last updated 29 Aug 2014