Gordon Kimball

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24 Jul 1952
Ventura, California


United States


Benetton (1991-1992)

Most recently has worked as a consultant designer to numerous motorsport teams, but he is mainly a spectator now enjoying the success of his racer son, Charlie. Gordon helps him with his career but does still run his Kimball Engineering firm in Santa Paula, California. Kimball was a mechanical engineering and machine design graduate from Stanford who got into the sport via Parnelli and their Formula 5000 car, although he worked with Dan Gurney as an apprentice mechanic prior to that. Apart from a few years working in the oil industry, designing offshore oil drilling equipment, Kimball then moved back and forth from the United States to England, working for Chaparral, Patrick Racing (the team winning the Indianapolis 500 in 1981 and 1982 in Kimball-designed cars), McLaren, Ferrari and Benetton before moving back to the US to set up his own firm in the mid-1990's.

Biography last updated 27 Dec 2016