Glyn Scott Memorial Trophy

Surfers Paradise, 29 Aug 1971

1 Frank Matich McLaren M10C [400-10-3] - Repco Holden V8
#2 Rothmans Team Matich (see note 1)
50 57m 43.9s
2 Alan Hamilton McLaren M10B [400-19] - Chevrolet V8
#9 Porsche Distributors Racing
50 58m 12.0s
3 Kevin Bartlett McLaren M10B [400-02] - Chevrolet V8
#3 Kevin Bartlett Shell Racing
4 Max Stewart (ANF1) 2-litre Mildren (Rennmax) - Waggott TC4V
#6 Max Stewart Motors
5 Warwick Brown (ANF1) 1.8-litre McLaren M4A [M4A/2] - Cosworth FVC
Pat Burke Racing (see note 2)
6 Henk Woelders (ANF2) 1.6-litre Elfin 600E [7024] - Ford twin cam Waggott
#11 Bill Patterson Racing
7 Johnnie Walker (ANF2) 1.6-litre Elfin 600B [7018] - Ford twin cam
City-State Racing Team
8 Jack Bono (ANF2) 1.6-litre Elfin 600B [7123] - Ford twin cam
Graham Collier
9 Ross Ambrose (ANF2) 1.6-litre Elfin 600B [7013] - Ford twin cam
Ross Ambrose
10 Colin Hyams Lola T192 ["HU14"] - Chevrolet V8
Colin Hyams
11 Tony Stewart (ANF2) 1.6-litre Elfin 600B [6806] - Ford twin cam
Box Hill Auto Sales
12 Bob Webb (ANF2) 1.6-litre Ausper T2 [T202]
Bob Webb
R Gary Campbell (ANF2) 1.6-litre Elfin 600B/E [7122] - Ford twin cam
Provincial Motors

R Malcolm Ramsay (ANF2) 1.6-litre Elfin 600C [6908] - Ford twin cam Waggott
City State Racing Team
17 broken throttle cable
DNSC Ivan Tighe (ANF2) 1.6-litre Elfin 600B [7021] - Ford twin cam
Did not start (crashed)

All cars are 5-litre F5000 unless noted.

1 Frank Matich (F5000) 5-litre McLaren M10C [400-10-3] - Repco Holden V8 1m 8.0s
2 Alan Hamilton (F5000) 5-litre McLaren M10B [400-19] - Chevrolet V8 1m 9.0s
3 Kevin Bartlett (F5000) 5-litre McLaren M10B [400-02] - Chevrolet V8 1m 9.3s
4 Max Stewart (ANF1) 2-litre Mildren (Rennmax) - Waggott TC4V 1m 11.0s
- Henk Woelders (ANF2) 1.6-litre Elfin 600E [7024] - Ford twin cam Waggott 1m 14.1s
- Tony Stewart (ANF2) 1.6-litre Elfin 600B [6806] - Ford twin cam 1m 15.7s

Notes on the cars:

  1. McLaren M10C [400-10-3] (Frank Matich): New to Frank Matich (Australia) and fitted with Repco-Holden V8 for Australian racing. Raced at Warwick Farm 12 Jul 1970 but crashed, and rebuilt on a new tub as "M10C". Next raced at Calder on 18 Oct 1970, then at Australian Grand Prix 22 Nov 1970. Raced in the 1971 Tasman series, then to the US for the L&M series before returning to Australia for the 1971 Gold Star series. Crashed prior to Oran Park 27 June and rebuilt on third tub. To Frank Radisich at the end of 1971 and raced in the 1972 Tasman series, the 1972 Australian Gold Star, and the 1973 Tasman. To Keith Laney (NZ), fitted with a Chevrolet V8 and appeared in the Tasman series in 1974 and 1975. Then to Dennis Phillips for hill climbs 1976, then Russel Greer (Blenheim, NZ) and fitted with a 6.3-litre Chevy to win the 1979/80 NZ hill climb championship. Sold to Peter Addison (Australia) but history then unknown until acquired by Max Warwick (Australia) in the mid-1990s. Sold to Graham Wadsworth (Melbourne, Australia) 2006.
  2. McLaren M4A [M4A/2] (Warwick Brown): Entered by John Coombes for Piers Courage in F2 in 1967. Crashed at Brands Hatch in August 1967 and believed to have been rebuilt on a new tub before its next race at Albi four weeks later, but Autosport makes no mention of a rebuild nor of it being a new car. Raced by Piers Courage in the 1968 Tasman series. Sold to Niel Allen and raced in Australian events in 1968 until Allen crashed heavily at Lakeside in July, reportedly requiring another new tub to be fabricated. Raced again by Allen in 1969, then to Pat Burke for drivers Len Goodwin 1970-71 and Warwick Brown 1971. Sold by Burke and Peter Malloy to Erol Richardson but bought back by Pat Burke around 1982. Restored by Molloy for Burke and retained until sold to John Hugenholtz. To David Coplowe (England) by 1994. Raced in the HSCC Historic Formula Racing Car Championship in 1995. Still being raced by Coplowe in 2010 but not seen since. Reported to have been sold by Coplowe around 2012 but new owner unknown.


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