Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières

Trois-Rivières, 1 Sep 1974

1 Tom Klausler Lola T360 [HU2] - Ford BDA Traylor
60 68m 22.865s
2 Jean-Pierre Jaussaud Chevron B27 [27-74-02] - Ford BDA Hart
#5 Fred Opert Racing (see note 1)
60 68m 23.538s
3 Patrick Depailler March 74B - Ford BDA Race Shop
#14 Douglas Shierson Racing
59 68m 51.369s
4 James King Chevron B27 [27-74-04] - Ford BDA Nicholson
#22 Douglas Shierson Racing (see note 2)
59 69m 28.507s
5 Bruce Jensen March 74B [6] - Ford BDA Hart
59 69m 34.271s
6 Reg Scullion March 74B - Ford BDA Hart
7 Chip Mead Chevron B27 [27-74-03] - Ford BDA Hart
#23 Douglas Shierson Racing (see note 3)
8 Bill O'Connor Lola T360 [HU3] - Ford BDA Traylor
57 engine
9 Price Cobb Chevron B20 [72-3] - Ford BDA Hart
#2 (see note 4)
10 Al Justason Rondel M1 - Ford BDA Hart
11 Ron Cohn March 73B [7] - Ford BDA
#56 (see note 5)
12 David Westgate March 71BM - Ford twin cam
13 Hugh "Wink" Bancroft Chevron B27 [27-74-05] - Ford BDA Hart
#6 Fred Opert Racing (see note 6)
14 Bob Beyea Brabham BT40 [13] - Ford BDA
#10 Fred Opert Racing (see note 7)
15 Ric Forest March 73B [10] - Ford BDA
#66 (see note 8)
16 Peter W. Broeker Chevron B17b - Ford twin cam
17 Mike Hall Brabham BT40 - Ford BDA
#28 (see note 9)
18 Chris O'Brien Rondel M1 [206] - Ford BDA
#12 (see note 10)
19 Craig Hill Brabham BT40 - Ford BDA
45 oil pressure
20 Roger Seacrist Rondel M1 - Ford BDA Nicholson
41 accident
21 George Follmer March 74B [13] - Ford BDA
#15 Ecurie Canada - Schweppes
39 engine
22 Seb Barone Rondel M1 - Ford BDA
39 still running
23 Richard Doran GRD B72 [019-F2] - Ford BDA
32 retired
R Syd Demovsky March 74B [4] - Ford BDA Greatorex
R Mikeal Bystrom Jr Brabham BT38B [18] - Ford BDA Smith
#92 (see note 11)
R Tom Pryce Chevron B27 [27-74-15] - Ford BDA Hart
#8 Fred Opert Racing (see note 12)
19 Accident
R Charles T. Gibson March 73B [71BM-15] - Ford BDA Hart
16 Engine
R Chris Gleason Brabham BT40 - Ford BDA
#7 Fred Opert Racing
R Bruce MacInnes March 73B [17] - Ford BDA
#69 (see note 13)
R Gary Magwood Lola T360 [HU6] - Ford BDA Hart
#27 (see note 14)
11 Accident damage
R Bill Brack Lotus 59 [ ] - Ford BDA Crosty
9 Gearbox
R Gilles Villeneuve March 74B [3] - Ford BDA
#69 Ecurie Canada - Schweppes
0 Accident
DNS Don Breidenbach March 74B - Ford BDA
(see note 15)
Did not start
DNSC Bobby Brown Chevron B27 [27-74-18] - Ford BDA Smith
(see note 16)
Did not start (crashed)
DNQ William Prout Jr March 705/73B [2] - Ford twin cam
Did not qualify
DNQ Peter Ferguson Chevron B20 [72-7] - Ford BDA
#3 (see note 17)
Did not qualify
DNQ Joe Shepherd Chevron B20 [72-4?] - Ford BDA Hart
Xanadu Racing (see note 18)
Did not qualify
DNQ Bill Eagles Brabham BT40 - Ford BDA
#46 Tex Made Racing
Did not qualify

All cars are 1.6-litre F/Atl unless noted.

1 Patrick Depailler (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 74B - Ford BDA Race Shop 1.06.697
2 Bill O'Connor (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Lola T360 [HU3] - Ford BDA Traylor 1.06.710
3 Tom Klausler (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Lola T360 [HU2] - Ford BDA Traylor 1.06.755
4 Jean-Pierre Jaussaud (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B27 [27-74-02] - Ford BDA Hart 1.06.815
5 Bill Brack (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Lotus 59 [ ] - Ford BDA Crosty 1.07.522
6 Ric Forest (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 73B [10] - Ford BDA 1.07.718
7 Tom Pryce (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B27 [27-74-15] - Ford BDA Hart 1.07.961
8 Hugh "Wink" Bancroft (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B27 [27-74-05] - Ford BDA Hart 1.08.145
9 James King (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B27 [27-74-04] - Ford BDA Nicholson 1.08.215
10 Charles T. Gibson (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 73B [71BM-15] - Ford BDA Hart 1.08.484
11 Gary Magwood (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Lola T360 [HU6] - Ford BDA Hart 1.08.504
12 George Follmer (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 74B [13] - Ford BDA 1.08.508
13 Gilles Villeneuve (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 74B [3] - Ford BDA 1.08.664
14 Bobby Brown * (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B27 [27-74-18] - Ford BDA Smith 1.08.668
15 Bob Beyea (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Brabham BT40 [13] - Ford BDA 1.08.745
16 Craig Hill (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Brabham BT40 - Ford BDA 1.09.010
17 Bruce Jensen (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 74B [6] - Ford BDA Hart 1.09.347
18 Bruce MacInnes (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 73B [17] - Ford BDA 1.09.582
19 Chris O'Brien (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Rondel M1 [206] - Ford BDA 1.09.590
20 Reg Scullion (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 74B - Ford BDA Hart 1.09.606
21 Chris Gleason (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Brabham BT40 - Ford BDA 1.09.651
22 David Westgate (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 71BM - Ford twin cam 1.09.967
23 Chip Mead (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B27 [27-74-03] - Ford BDA Hart 1.10.132
24 Mike Hall (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Brabham BT40 - Ford BDA 1.10.254
25 Al Justason (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Rondel M1 - Ford BDA Hart 1.10.402
26 Syd Demovsky (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 74B [4] - Ford BDA Greatorex 1.10.637
27 Roger Seacrist (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Rondel M1 - Ford BDA Nicholson 1.11.023
28 Ron Cohn (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 73B [7] - Ford BDA 1.11.198
29 Price Cobb (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B20 [72-3] - Ford BDA Hart 1.11.199
30 Don Breidenbach * (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 74B - Ford BDA 1.11.770
31 Seb Barone (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Rondel M1 - Ford BDA 1.12.422
32 Richard Doran (F/Atl) 1.6-litre GRD B72 [019-F2] - Ford BDA 1.12.932
33 Mikeal Bystrom Jr (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Brabham BT38B [18] - Ford BDA Smith 1.14.406
34 William Prout Jr * (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 705/73B [2] - Ford twin cam 1.15.347
35 Peter Ferguson * (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B20 [72-7] - Ford BDA 1.16.046
36 Joe Shepherd * (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B20 [72-4?] - Ford BDA Hart 1.32.050
37 Peter W. Broeker (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B17b - Ford twin cam no time
38 Bill Eagles * (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Brabham BT40 - Ford BDA no time
* Did not start

Notes on the cars:

  1. Chevron B27 [27-74-02] (Jean-Pierre Jaussaud): Chevron build record says sold via Fred Opert to Freeman Racing (Yellow Springs, OH). However, either never delivered or bought back by Opert in 1974 and used by Jean-Pierre Jaussaud at Trois Rivieres and Richard Melville at Watkins Glen. Advertised by Opert in April 1975 as "ex-Jaussaud", "only two races". Retained by the Opert team for 1975, and used twice by Tom Bagley at Halifax and Trois Rivieres, where his car is described as "ex Jaussaud". Believed to be Michael Landrum's B27 at Road Atlanta in April 1976 in the IMSA series. Then advertised by Pierre Phillips Autoweek 31 July 76 p28 'ex Bagley'. Subsequently to Frank Scott (Racine, WI) for sale AW 9 Oct 1976 p27 B27 'ex Jaussaud, 8 races from new' and 31 Mar 1978 p39. Sold to Richard Ellingson and used in Mid West SCCA until 1980. Then to an autocrosser and subsequently to Paul Berg (Chippewa Falls, WI), who won the MCSCC F/Atlantic series in 1982 with the car. Owned by Bob Dupré (Glenview IL) 1985 and said to have been written off at Road America that year.
  2. Chevron B27 [27-74-04] (James King): Chevron build record says sold via Fred Opert to Doug Shierson Racing. According to Chevron the car used by James King at Mallory Park before being shipped to the USA. (King and Mead owned their own cars in the Shierson team.) Badly damaged by King at Mosport in July 1974 and rebuilt around a new tub. Formula Mar 75 p29 reports, 'King is trying to sell the B27 he drove in 1974 under Shierson's management'. (King still has the plate for this car.) Sold to Lloyd Callaway (Chicago, IL) and used in 1975 early 1976 SCCA and some pro races. Callaway advises that the car was sold to Fred Opert in early 1976 in p/x for a new Chevron B34. History then unknown. Many years later, in 1999, Sandy Dells Racing (San Diego, CA) sold two B27 tubs to Jim Sparks (San Diego, CA). Dells restored one of these to running condition for Sparks, then sold the other tub and parts on Sparks' behalf to Mike Winebrenner (Louisville, KY) in 2004. Winebrenner was able to identify his monocoque by its SCCA Chicago Region stamping as Lloyd Calloway's car, but the 74-04 chassis plate is on Sparks' car. Winebrenner's parts were sold in early 2009 to Bud Morrison, who already owned 74-05 and 74-07. It would appear that Sparks' car is built on the original tub, and Morrison's is the replacement tub.
  3. Chevron B27 [27-74-03] (Chip Mead): New to Doug Shierson Racing via Fred Opert for Chip Mead (Dayton, OH) to race in Formula Atlantic, initially in the opening races of the British series, then in North America. The car was blue and ran in North America as #23. Sold to Keith Feldott (LaGrange, IL) and raced in SCCA Central Division FB in 1975, 1976 and 1977. Subsequent history unknown.
  4. Chevron B20 [72-3] (Price Cobb): Sold via Fred Opert to Bobby Brown (Hicksville, NY) for SCCA Formula B. Third and first in the two Bogotá races early in 1972, then raced in the JAP GP at Fuji in May. Also won the Pro FB race at Lime Rock in July. Likely to be the B20 raced by Dan Carmichael (Columbus, OH) at the 1972 SCCA Runoffs. Raced by Chip Mead (Dayton, OH) at Mosport Park in July 1973. To Freeman Racing for 1974, and raced by Price Cobb in the Pro Formula Atlantic races that season. Advertised by Cobb in early 1975, then advertised by Richard Jackson (Dallas, TX) in August 1975 as "ex-Brown", and February 1976. Next seen when sold by a dealer, Paul Lindell (Houston, TX), to James Sawyer in January 1978. From Sawyer to Jeff McKay (Tacoma, WA) then on to Walt Pawluczkowycz (Evergreen, CO). Sold by Pawluczkowycz to Steve Marschman (Idaho Falls, Idaho) in May 2004.
  5. March 73B [7] (Ron Cohn): A new green March 73B entered by DRC Formula Racing Inc for Ron Cohn (Modena, NY) in Canadian and US Formula B 1973, running as #56. Retained for 1974, running in the Canadian F/Atl series and in the F/Atl race at Watkins Glen in October. To Eric Kerman (Hempstead, NY/Glen Cove, NY) for 1975 and updated with new orange bodywork, entered as #81 or #87, and running as a 75B. Raced in SCCA Nationals from 1975 to 1979. Later to Oran Bushey up to 1982.
  6. Chevron B27 [27-74-05] (Hugh "Wink" Bancroft): An Fred Opert team car, used by Hugh "Wink" Bancroft (Costa Mesa, CA) in the US series in 1974. Possibly also used by Roos and James Crawley in SCCA Formula B before the Canadian season started. The car was owned by Bancroft, who according to Formula and Sports Car retained it unraced in 1975, and then wheeled it out again for a few SCCA So Pac division races in early 1976. Advertised in May 1976. Possibly the Mike Morris car in 1977. The car now owned by Bud Morrison has a SCCA log book showing it was owned by Ken Valan in 1978, then Frank Shober (Chatham, NJ) from 1979 to 1985. In October 1988, it was bought from Bruce McQuiston at the Bertil Roos Racing School (Blakeslee PA) by Monte C. Shalett (New Orleans, LA), who sold it via Grand Prix Classics (La Jolla, CA) to Paul Wesselink (Dana Point, CA/Huntington Beach, CA) in June 1997. From Wesselink to Bud Morrison in May 2005.
  7. Brabham BT40 [13] (Bob Beyea): New for Brian Robertson (Brockville, Ontario) and raced by him in the Malaysian Grand Prix at Batu Tiga in April 1973, but wrecked the following weekend during practice at the Singapore Grand Prix. The car was rebuilt and raced a few times in Canada as part of Fred Opert's team, including by David Fram at Halifax in October 1974, and by Bob Beyea at Trois-Rivières two weeks later. Then sold to Mike Rand (Greenwich, CT) in time for the 1974 SCCS Runoffs, after which Rand raced it in Northeast Division SCCA Formula B in 1975. For 1976, Rand converted the car to Formula C. He bought a Modus for 1977, and the Brabham was sold to Larry Snover (Langsdale, PA) who raced it in FC and then in FB again. He sold it after the 1979 season to someone who planned to add sportscar bodywork for Can-Am. However, this never happened, and the car was offered for sale in June 2018, still in Snover's livery.
  8. March 73B [10] (Ric Forest): New to James King (East St Louis, IL) and used in Central Division SCCA Formula B, one round of the Players Canadian series, and the Watkins Glen Pro race in October. Leased to Ric Forest and Fred Phillips in 1974, but King took over the car again for 1975, rebuilt it on a new tub, and raced it in the Players Canadian series. To Porter Brownlee (Little Rock, AR) 1976, and used in Midwest Division Formula B in 1977. Subsequent history unknown.
  9. Brabham BT40 (Mike Hall): Mike Hall (Twin Lakes, WI) raced a brand new Brabham BT40 at the SCCA Run-Offs, known then as American Road Race of Champions, at Road Atlanta 25 Nov 1972, the first BT40 to race. Hall then raced this car in Formula B and Formula Atlantic in 1973 and 1974. He replaced it with a Lola T360 for 1975 and the Brabham was then raced by John Elder (Rosemount, Minnesota) in SCCA Nationals in 1975. Hall had modified his car with a wide nose and a higher and fuller tail, and Elder's car showed the same modifications.
  10. Rondel M1 [206] (Chris O'Brien): Henri Pescarolo's main car in F2 in 1973; used also by Schenken at Pau, Kinnekulle Ring and Rouen. Sold via Fred Opert to Chris O'Brien for Canadian Formula Atlantic in 1974 then probably back via Fred Opert and eventually sold to Randy Zimmer as a source of spares for his Can Am car. Still with Zimmer in 2010.
  11. Brabham BT38B [18] (Mikeal Bystrom Jr): Thomas M. Shelton (Plantation, FL/Fort Launderdale, FL) raced a red-and-white Brabham BT38B in South-East Division FB in 1972. The car arrived late in the season and was described as immaculate and new at the Palm Beach National in September. Tom recalls that the engine broke at the Road America Pro race in August 1973, and he diverted to Chicago on his way home and traded the car to Carl Haas. Haas sold it to Mikeal Bystrom Jr (Minneapolis, MN), who had previously raced a Brabham BT18 in FC, and still recalls the chassis number of the BT38B as being BT38B-18. He broke the Hart twin cam at his first race and fitted a BDA instead, racing it in US Pro races in 1974 and then in the Canadian series in 1975. He sold it to Steve Fossett (Chicago, IL), then a commodities trader in Chicago, but later more famous for his balloning exploits. Fossett raced it in SCCA Formula Atlantic in 1977.
  12. Chevron B27 [27-74-15] (Tom Pryce): Consigned to Fred Opert in July 1974 for "a Californian SCCA driver", so almost certainly the Fred Opert #8 team car that appears in Formula Atlantic in July 1974 for Howdy Holmes, and was described as 'brand new'. Used by Tom Pryce at Trois Rivieres on 1 Sep, and badly damaged. Presumably rebuilt for Holmes at Watkins Glen on 4 Oct. Advertised by Opert in April 1975 as "ex-Holmes" and "4 races from new". Very probably the car sold to Dan Neuman (St Paul, Minnesota) early 1975, and advertised by Neuman as "ex-Pryce" in 1976. Subsequent history unknown.
  13. March 73B [17] (Bruce MacInnes): Originally raced by Bruce MacInnes (Sharon, CT) as part of a two-car team with Ron Cohn. After 1973, it was sold to Joe Ostrowski (Trenton, NJ) and used in SCCA club events until early 1982 when it was bought by Seann Burgess (Caledon, Ontario). Burgess won the CASC Ontario Formula Atlantic championship and the BARC Drivers Championship in 1982 as well as appearing in 'pro' events. After two more seasons of Atlantic, he converted the car to Can-Am specification at the end of 1985 and then fitted a McLaren M1B body and a Mazda 13B rotary engine for 1986. This "March RX10-B" was raced through the 1986 season. Burgess kept the March after it was retired from racing and is in the process of restoring it. By the beginning of 2012, he reckoned it was 90% complete.
  14. Lola T360 [HU6] (Gary Magwood): Lola sales record says sold to Haas for Robertson 19 Jul 1974, colour white, and with a Hart 416B t/c, fulfilling Haas order 36003 from Brian Robertson. Robertson was acting as agent for a sale in Canada and this car was for Gary Magwood, whose name appears on the Haas records under the order number. In February 2006 Gary Magwood advised that his car, run from 1974 to 1976 and owned by Jack Burnett, came from Robertson and was white before being sprayed black. Destroyed by Magwood in an accident at Atlantic Motorsports Park, Halifax 8 Aug 1976.
  15. March 74B (Don Breidenbach): Don Breidenbach (Oakland, CA) raced a white March 74B in SCCA National and later in Pro races in 1974 but early that season his car was described as a 732 so this 74B may have been a mid or late-season replacement for the older car. Retained for the early 1975 race at Riverside and then sold to Bob Gledhill (Utah). Somehow the deal with Gledhill unwound because Breidenbach advertised the car again at the end of 1975, alongisde his newer 75B. Jeff Alkana (Azusa, CA) recalls buying it from Breidenbach and he raced it in SCCA events in early 1976. Alkana then bought Breidenbach's newer 75B and he recalls selling the 74B to Jim van Horn (Orange, CA). Van Horn raced such a March in SCCA events in late 1976 and 1977 but then disappears from FB in 1978. When he returns in 1979 he has a March again, but it could be a different one. Subsequent history unknown.
  16. Chevron B27 [27-74-18] (Bobby Brown): Chevron build record says sold to Bobby Brown of B&B Racing Enterprises, June 1974. The car was badly damaged in an accident at Trois Rivieres in 1974. Brown says that the remains were returned to Chevron in p/x for two B29s in 1975. However, advertised by Brown in May and June 1975 as 'not raced since complete rebuild at Chevron' which suggests that the car came back to him. Sold later in 1975 to Thomas Christ (Racine, WI), and raced by him in Pro Formula Atlantic and SCCA Nationals in 1976 and 1977. Then unknown until owned by Daniel Sauriol (Appleton, WI) in 1984. Sold to Cliff Ebben (Appleton, WI) at the end of the 1984 season, then sold by him to Comprep (i.e. Dennis Eade of ComPrep (Competition Preparation) in Zenda, WI) for ComPrep customer Alan Lewis (Indianapolis, IN). Run by ComPrep for Eade. Sold to Alan Azar (O'Fallon, IL) in 1999. With dealer Chuck Haines of Can-Am Cars Ltd (St. Louis, MO) in 2018.
  17. Chevron B20 [72-7] (Peter Ferguson): Sold via Fred Opert to Ferguson/Wilson Racing Team for 1973, when it was described as brand new. Raced by Peter Ferguson (Toronto, Ontario) in the Canadian FB series. Retained by Ferguson for Formula Atlantic in 1974. According to documentation later submitted to CAMS, the car was owned by Players from 1974 to 1978, then was in storage from 1978 to 1984. It was owned by Alex Polsinello from 1984, then George McLean in 1991, then Russell Sewell in 2010. It ws bought by Martin Bullock (Western Australia) in 2011.
  18. Chevron B20 [72-4?] (Joe Shepherd): A Chevron B20 raced by Joe Shepherd (Indianapolis, IN) in SCCA Formula B in 1973. Retained by Shepherd for Formula Atlantic in 1974 and 1975. Advertised by Shepherd in February 1976.


The identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' original results.

North American Formula Atlantic race results have been compiled by Chris Townsend based on material in Formula and On Track, information drawn from Canadian newspapers and results sheets where available.

All comments, clarifications, corrections and additions are most welcome. Please email Allen if you can add anything.

Individual sources for this event

Montreal Star, Autosport 5 Sep 1974 pp14-15, Chevron build records, March 74B build records and Formula Feb 77 p32 Cobb profile