Azdrubal Fontes

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26 Dec 1922
Pan de Azucar


09 Jul 2006



Grands Prix:

0 (1959)

Full name Fontes Bayardo. Was a director of a production agency associated with BSE, a large bank corporation, and also as a director for Opel trucks. Earlier in his post-racing career, he was a car dealer for General Motors in three different locations in his homeland. Died recently. Fontes was a regular racer in Argentine Formula Libre events in his Maserati 4CLT car in the late 1950's, doing a reasonable job, but it was a big - and ultimately unsuccessful - leap to Formula 1, failing to qualify his Maserati 250F. Fontes then became a touring and sports car driver. After his death, the street circuit in Piriapolis was named after him.

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