George Bailey

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25 Sep 1900
Cleveland, Ohio


07 May 1940
Indianapolis, Indiana


United States

Indy 500s:

7 (1934-1940)

Killed in practice for the Indy 500 when the gasoline tank in his car exploded after he hit the guard rail. Long time Detroit resident, he was a long-time test driver for Hudson, which led to his racing career starting. Younger brother (the youngest of four) Harold also non-qualified at the Indianapolis race in 1946. Bailey was the first driver to compete - in a Gulf Miller - in the Indianapolis 500 in a rear-engined car in 1939, with the car being far advanced with both four-wheel drive and disc brakes on all the wheels. Bailey had established himself as a very able driver in his career which started in the late 1920's on dirt tracks and George remained strongest in dirt oval races throughout his career.

Biography last updated 22 Feb 2017