James Klemos

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25 Oct 1898
Sparta, Laconia, Greece


8 Sep 1935
Farmington, Michigan


United States

Indy 500s:

0 (1930)

Driver of Greek ancestry, an engineer, whose Indianapolis 500 attempt in a Morton and Brett powered machine, was his only race attempt. The car, which was entered for James and fellow racer, Fred Roberts, failed to qualify when the engine seized during practice. Klemos' wife was a talented artist who had a few drawings displayed in the Battle Creek area. Sadly, Klemos died, aged only 36 years of age in a sanitarium in Farmington, near Detroit. James grew up in Battle Creek, moving to Detroit in 1921, and he was sales manager for a hospitality firm. Just after his Indianapolis attempt, he began to suffer from ill-health and spent time in Arizona and Florida to try and get better. A churchgoer (he was a keen member of the local Baptist church) and an athlete at school level, James moved to Battle Creek from Greece with his family in 1903; his father established a sweet shop in the area.

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