Robert O'Brien

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07 Sep 1919
Chicago, Illinois


01 Jun 1973
San Mateo, California


United States

Grands Prix:

1 (1952)

One of the most obscure racers, for whom many theories about him were suggested which included spy and CIA links - all since rubbished - O'Brien was a sportscar racer who made a few racing appearances in Europe via Belgian contacts. O'Brien was definitely a regular racer in SCCA racing who achieved some results of note before making a surprise and brief move to Europe to race at the Belgian Grand Prix and then at the Grenzlandring before moving back to the US where after a while his career faded away. Robert Quinn O'Brien, to give him his full name, was based in Hackensack, New Jersey, where he ran an aeroplane parts and supply company, after working for many years as an engineer and aircraft mechanic. He also worked at Newark Airport for Brewster Aero Corporation. Died suddenly in California, aged only 53.

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