Bentley Warren

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10 Dec 1940
Kennebunkport, Maine


United States

Indy 500s:

2 (1970-1975)

Bentley carried on racing until just over 70, very competitively, in sprint and super-modified cars - indeed he won in 2006, aged 66! Now returns to the tracks as a Grand Marshal or spectator. Runs a trucking firm and a sand and gravel supply company and a saloon in his home state of Maine. A biography of his life was also released in 2013. Warren started racing as a teenager in 1957. He won many supermodified events, including the Little 500 race twice. In 2007, Warren was inducted into the New England Auto Racers Hall of Fame. Warren also collects luxury automobiles and one of his favourite vehicles is his Rolls-Royce. Warren's father was a banker and his mother was an opera singer but Warren had no interest following either. Previously, Bentley also owned an operated a race track in Ohio. Warren, who has a limp due to racing accidents, also liked to swim and spend time in the woods near his home.

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