George Tichenor

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02 Feb 1920
Logansport, Indiana


25 Sep 1998
Logansport, Indiana


United States

Grands Prix:

0 (1952-1955)

Indy 500s:

0 (1952-1955)

AAA backmarker, but dirt track and midget great, who won the national title in the latter in 1951. Tichenor retired in racing in 1958, to start a family with his wife, Esther. He died due to complications from emphysema caused by smoking. After being bumped from the 1952 grid, despite setting a great time in a far-from-superior dirt car, George went to work for Jimmy Bryan, and changed his right rear tyre as his role in the pit crew. Tichenor started racing after buying a Model A Ford for 75 dollars in 1940. During World War Two, he served his country, driving an Army tank in Europe and later earned a Purple Heart. George also raced stock cars. The son of two hospital workers, George worked for a newspaper firm before taking up racing. George also helped Lynn Reid into racing; Reid ended up being mechanic for Mike Hiss for some while.

Biography last updated 12 Jul 2017