Phil 'Red' Shafer

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13 Nov 1891
Des Moines, Iowa


29 Jan 1971
Des Moines, Iowa


United States

Indy 500s:

10 (1922-1936)

Later became a Indianapolis 500 entrant and constructor. Before racing, he was a rodeo rider. Red - so called because of the colour of his hair - was a car dealer for Pontiac in Des Moines who enjoyed a long career in the sport. Once his finest moments came in 1924 when he won the Syracuse dirt oval track race. Shafer later worked for General Motors and this allowed him a chance to build his own car - the Shafer Special. He suprisingly raced in Europe and the 1931 German Grand Prix before going on to race in hill climbs - mainly at Pikes Peak - until the early 1950's.

Biography last updated 27 Feb 2016