Arvol Brunmier

Arvol Brunmier. Copyright Harvey

Arvol Brunmier. Copyright Harvey "Pop" Ward. Used with Permission of his grandson, David Ward, 2015.


29 Nov 1906
Riverside, California


25 Aug 1971
Los Angeles, California


United States

Indy 500s:

0 (1932-1946)

Hot rod and sprint car specialist who made a surprise one-off return, after aeons away from the tracks, at Indy in 1946. Both his Indianapolis 500 attempts saw him enter a custom-built car; in 1932, he entered a Guilberson-Ford and in 1946, he entered his own Offenhauser, but with the same result. But he was better in sprint cars and won the first post-World War Two race at the Gardenia Bowl, in 1946. Arvol raced from the late 1920's onwards until stopping in 1946.

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