Les Spangler

Lester Spangler. Copyright Harvey

Lester Spangler. Copyright Harvey "Pop" Ward. Used with Permission of his grandson, David Ward, 2015.


15 Jan 1906
Brook, Indiana


30 May 1933
Indianapolis, Indiana


United States

Indy 500s:

1 (1933)

Killed in the 1933 Indianapolis 500. Les was a decent and confident sprint car driver based mainly in California. Spangler moved to Los Angeles to further his racing career and enjoyed success on the Pacific Coast's racing circuit. Spangler's only, fatal, Indianapolis 500 had started well. He qualified in an impressive seventh place and was running high up when he was killed after colliding with another car on lap 132. Spangler's riding mechanic, G.L. Monk Jordan also died. Although Spangler's family went back many generations living in Pennsylvania, he had German ancestry through his father; the family originally landed in Pennsylvania in 1727.

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