George 'Doc' MacKenzie


George "Doc" Mackenzie, Indianapolis 500. Copyright Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but personal copy of photo supplied by CT MacKenzie, 2012. Used with Permission.


16 Jul 1906
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


23 Aug 1936
West Allis, Wisconsin


United States

Indy 500s:

7 (1930-1936)

Killed in a sprint car crash. Although listed as a doctor, George never actually was one, although a lot of his family, including his dad, were doctors. George was based in Eddington, Pennsylvania. His brother Malcolm also raced, and later became a mechanic. Started in dirt track racing, but his career really took off in 1935 when he won the AAA Eastern sprint car Championship. However, less than a year later he was dead, having only just survived a serious crash the previous month, which prompted him to get married whilst recovering in hospital.

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